Guaranteeing your well-being
Upon request for admission into the Umbriabenessere Consortium Club Vitae, accommodations shall respect norms dictated by the strict Membership discipline policy, norms which are periodically verified by anonymous surveying.

- A warm welcome, helpfulness and attention from the staff are the keys to ensuring a pleasant stay and satisfying all client needs.
- Suggesting another club hotel whenever one is full or closed for the requested period.
- Information at hotels:
- information about the hotel organization and related services;
- news about the consortium (brochure);
- information materials about the territory and happenings (local tradition and sports events, activities for participation, etc.);
- tourist information supplied by staff upon guest request.
- A corner selling typical Umbrian products.
- Updated presentations, at least in rooms and in the spa, regarding opportunities offered to guests by the club.
- Customer satisfaction questionnaire from the manager, available in rooms and, for clients outside the hotel, in the spa, with a relative system of established standard surveying by the manager.
- Knowledge of at least one foreign language in the hotel and the spa.
- All treatments performed by authorised personnel with quality products in all Umbria Benessere facilities.
- Quality products from Umbria used in food preparation.

General requirements: overall area dedicated to a wellness/fitness space: minimum 80 m2 with restroom services, shower and a proper conditioning and air exchange system (as provided for by hygiene-sanitary norms).