A unique experience for your wellness stay

The Consortium Umbria Wellness - Club Vitae offers its customers suggestive holiday full of emotions to give them the opportunity to live a unique experience talking about wellness in our land. It is a region that can be considered unique for its beautiness, landscapes, hystorical and artistic treasures and the eno-gastronomic culture.

“In Umbria, a life style”: this is the quotation of the Regional Agency for touristic promotion in Umbria and the Consortium likes it and uses it as well. It underlines the contribution to be adequate to the Regional receptive offer asking for quality in the field of the touristic request.
Many are the synergies coming from this initiative: a product’s club, a unique brand, a winning marketing position for a distinctive product, an efficient form of collective management to coordinate and rationalize the promotional investments, a benchmark for the territory. They will all make the single companies of the consortium be able to widely enlarge the effects of an integrated promotion both on national and foreign markets. Both markets are getting more and more sensitive to a well structured offer looking at the plus wellness combined to the concept of “good lifestyle” and quality of life. These are represented by a high quality food culture and a natural and highly enjoyable and relaxing environment.