From “getting to the wellness” to “living the wellness”, a good life style

Nowadays it seems that the “absolute wellness” is much easier than in the past thanks to the different offer of exercises and services in the worldwide centres: aesthetic face and body treatments, wellness paths, specific thermal curse, fitness and sport programmes, walking and bike tours, eno-gastronomic itineraries.

The real challenge is to “live the wellness”: getting the everyday energies to face the stressing rhythms of your daily life in the best way. We also aim to get fit in order to do some sports having fun. Living the wellness is a really articulated concept: it means to be in harmony with the different moments of the life, to cure our physical aspect and above your mind.

Considering the new trends and how people have been aware we have been registering a boom in the receptive field of wellness centers inside the philosophy of “well living” proposed by the Umbria Wellness Consortium, based on the idea of mixing relax, nature, culture, eno-gastronomy living authentically the wellness.

Umbria, the Italian green heart, with a various landscape: mountains, hills, woods, green field, olive trees, vines, rivers, streams, waterfalls, water springs. It is the ideal place for people who are looking for places where they can get regenerated. They can find more energies and get a physical and psychical wellness, far from everyday stress.

Umbria is like a treasure chest full of historical and artistic beauties: most of the various buildings of the Consorzio Umbria Wellness are in the countryside, not far from the wonderful cities of art and the small medieval villages which characterize the territory.

The Umbrian well living philosophy finds its fulfillment in the tasting of simple and genuine dishes from the Umbrian typical cuisine revised in the name of creativity living more importance to the idea of a tasty but light food.